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Howard Schultz has been working with wood for more than 25 years. While his earliest efforts were often primitive rocket housings resulting in an occasional brush fire in remote Utah, today he is among the best finish carpenters in Northern California. This photo, taken in October 2003, shows Howard restoring the historic Petaluma Train Depot. Howard also reconstructed many of the original quatrefoil windows in the Depot and adjacent baggage room, creating new molding from redwood.

Howard's work in Northern California includes much of the interior finish work at the Sterling Vineyards Visitor Center where he earned the nickname "Dr. Door." He was pictured in the Press Democrat during the complex construction of the Sonoma County Children's Home in the Valley of the Moon.

Howard is pictured with the special lab filtering system installed on the roof of Hildebrand Hall. For more information, please e-mail

 See February 2004 Press Democrat

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