French Drain Project    

Planning the French Drain

All the rainwater from the front of the house funneled into a drain in the corner where the garage met the house (see photo on right). The month I moved in, Santa Rosa received its entire annual rainfall in one month -- January, 2000. It spilled onto the heavy clay soil making a swampy mess bound on all sides by the old concrete path.

Howard broke up the old path with a sledge hammer in just an hour, but it took weeks to dispose of the the concrete. A few pounds a week in the household garbage can, until eventually it was all carted off.

It also took weeks to get the city to approve the permit to dig under the sidewalk and punch a hole in the curb. We were visited by telephone, water and cable who all painted codes on the street before Howard could dig the trench, lay the drain and tunnel under the sidewalk.

drainage problem
Mist's favorite spot Mist likes to lounge under the round bush and wait for Howard to come home in the afternoon. He pets her and feeds her, so he is her friend.

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