arbor: a bower or shady retreat with sides and roof formed mainly by trees and climbing plants; a covered alley or walk
trellis: a lattice or framework of light wooden or metal bars used especially as a support for fruit trees or creepers and frequently fastened against a wall
  pergola: an arbor or covered walk formed of growing plants trained over trellis-work
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first the 4x4 pillars were set in cement (9kb) next, the 4x8 beams were cut to length (4kb) howard takes a break during construction (11kb)
the cross-members are 4x6 and angled to match the roof design (12kb) the 2x3 lath was cleaned, brightened and stained before lag-bolting (13kb) the finished arbor shades the house from the hottest part of the day (14kb)

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